Shelli Marie

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Shelli Marie was born and raised in an urban neighborhood in Portland, Oregon. After graduating from Benson Polytechnic High School, she moved to Washington where she attended the Art and Fashion Institute of Seattle. This is also where she met her husband. After a failed marriage, she dropped out of school and moved back to Portland and began to hustle in order to provide for her family. Desiring a change in her life and a better education for her children, she relocated to Arizona, where she currently lives with three of her four children. Shelli Marie started to read quite often, with her main interest being urban fiction. She could relate to it. “With a good book you can get all the hot and steamy stuff along with a great plot, not to mention, you can put any face you want on the characters.” In 2012, Shelli began to take time out to write, something she hadn’t done since she was in grade school. Although it was a great challenge for her, she was anxious to chase her dreams. “Even without a college education, I was determined to write, edit and publish my own material.” The writing style Shelli Marie possesses is quite different from most Urban Fiction Authors. When she pens her novels, she takes portions of her life and the lives of her closest friends, combines them and adds some fire, to create exceptional stories. The love for a good ‘take me away’ book is why Shelli Marie continues to write. She keeps it juicy, but ensures an easy flow for the most challenged readers. “If I can just encourage one person to read an entire book, then my job is accomplished!” Although Shelli Marie originated as an indie author, she signed with Leo Sullivan of Sullivan Productions, LLC in July 2013.


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