Shelli Marie


she was “Bussed Out” in order to receive a better education. She later moved to Washington where she attended the Art and Fashion Institute of Seattle where she met her husband.

After a failed marriage, she moved back to Portland and began to hustle in order to take care of her family. Desiring a change in her life and a better education for her children, she relocated to Arizona, where she currently lives with three of her four children.

She started to read quite often, with her main interest being urban fiction. It was not only that she could relate to it, it was also the fact that she didn’t feel comfortable watching movies with explicit content. “With a good book you can get all the hot and steamy stuff along with a great plot, not to mention, you can put any face you want on the characters.” (Personalize them)

Shelli began to take time out to write, something she hadn’t done since she was in grade school. She uses portions of her life, along with the lives of her closest friends. She combines them, and then adds the fire, to create exceptional stories.

She has her own business, “Braids by Shelli”, which specializes in children styles. Shelli enjoys reading, writing, and family time.

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